How much will Trump’s presidency cost the US cloud computing industry?

President Trump has made a number of controversial moves regarding data privacy since his inauguration. Not only have these actions have served to severely dent public confidence in the US when it comes to data privacy, they have also served as a vital wake up call for businesses that store data in the US.

There are significant dangers that come from government, legislative and regulatory uncertainty when it comes to data privacy and security. The legislative environment of any country has a huge impact on the privacy and security that can be guaranteed by any data hosting company.

However, new analysis from Artmotion shows that Trump’s presidency could prove even more damaging for US cloud service providers themselves.

Of course it is still relatively early days for the Trump presidency, but our new white paper details some of the early warning signs for cloud providers in the US and looks at what they stand to lose in terms of revenue and market share.

To read the full analysis, download the whitepaper here.

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