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Together with our trusted cloud cyber security partner-companies, we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients enjoy the highest levels of security.

Active in 30+ countries

Serving fortune
500 companies

Founded in

22 Years
of experience

Our customers boast a combined revenue of $12 trillion

speaking staff

80% International clients 

Highest level
of privacy

Company  History 

Artmotion Ltd., founded in 2000 by Mateo Meier, is a privately owned data hosting provider and cyber security company based in Switzerland. We offer state-of-the-art, highly secure server solutions that boast military-grade security.

Our customer base is mostly made up of medium to large multinational corporations, including leading Fortune 500 companies, spread across 30 countries.

The two state-of-the-art data centers are located in the global center for banking and finance, the city of Zürich. Three thousand square meters in size, the facilities are divided into different customer zones, private rooms, all with separate fire protection, air conditioning, robust security, and much more.

Our office is located in the town of Zug, also known as "Crypto Valley" just about an hour outside of Zürich. Zug is also home to many multinational corporations who are based here to take advantage of low taxes and business-friendly policies.

Artmotion is an established partner of Microsoft and partially owned by EveryWare. Through our long-standing collaboration, we have successfully deployed customer-focused technology solutions around the world for almost two decades.

23 years without a data breach

Artmotion proudly boasts a record free from any data breaches under our responsibility.


Cyber-Security expansion

Artmotion has invested in Citadelo, a leading cybersecurity firm, thereby gaining access to a team of penetration testers.


Military-grade encryption

Introduced military-grade encryption technologies and expanded into the cloud market. 


Featured in the media

Artmotion was featured across global media outlets such as Forbes, Computer Weekly, Reuters, Yahoo, and ZDnet.


Used in 30 countries 

Our products were used in 30 different countries around the world.


Joint venture

Artmotion entered into a joint venture with EveryWare and purchased a stake in the company and joined the board of directors.



Artmotion acquired Cyberhost, a competitor, and doubled in size as a result of this merger.


Artmotion was founded

Artmotion was founded by our current CEO, Mateo Meier who was also our first employee.


Top 8 Industries

We never share the names or related details of our customers because we take their privacy seriously. However, on the rare occasion when a name has been published on our website, it was done after receiving explicit permission from the client. 

Consumer goods and manufacturing
Software vendors and online stores 
Management and consulting 
Science, insurance, and healthcare
Banking and finance 
Oil and gas 
IT and developers
 Retail and travel 

Trusted by global companies

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"Very good customer service and reliability."


With Artmotion we get a very reliable service and excellent customer service. As the time passes we will expect better bandwidth and network speed in the future. 

Active customer since January, 2009

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"Great availability and service support." 

 Juan Antonio

Im happy with the entire service and support they provide, cost wise could be considered expensive but, service deserves this investment.

Active customer since January, 2013

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"Top Swiss Service"


With Artmotion we get a very reliable service and excellent customer service. As the time passes we will expect better bandwidth and network speed in the future.

Active customer since January, 2015

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"Im a happy Artmotion customer."


Servers works very well. 
Contact wit customer support is very good (they are reliable, flexible and help full). All problems are solved fast and smoothly. 

Active customer since May, 2015

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"Good and reliable service."


Artmotion offers good and reliable services. Active customer since January, 2009

Active customer since 2013

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