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How do you achieve total data privacy?

We go the extra mile to ensure data security

Why Switzerland data privacy and security is important? 

A highly secure privacy-centric system depends not only on the technologies that are used, but also where the servers are located and where the data is stored.

So while robust technology protects enterprise data from cyber threats, strict federal laws and regulations add an extra layer of protection.

Switzerland data protection methods are supported by Swiss privacy law. This is the primary reason why Switzerland has grown into a popular destination for companies who want to make sure that their data remains consistently private and protected by robust data protection methods.

Switzerland data protection

Data Protection Act (DPA) protects data
In Switzerland, data protection is regulated under the DPA which guarantees that all personal data can only be processed lawfully. All personal data processing must also be proportionate and carried out with the best intentions.

Article 13 guarantees privacy
Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution guarantees your right to privacy. Since 1993, the Federal Act on Data Protection and security has prohibited the processing of personal data without the explicit authorization of the data subjects.

Right to freedom of speech and press
As the constitution supports individual freedom of speech and free press and these rights are generally respected by the government. It is also illegal to publish "leaked" information under Swiss federal law.


IP addresses are private
The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland deemed IP addresses to be the same as personal information in 2010. This made it illegal to track the internet usage of individuals without their expressed permission. There is no evidence of government restrictions to internet access or credible reports of unauthorized government monitoring of emails or chats.

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Additional steps to improve data security

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Encryption technology

 There are many ways to protect data. We leverage a variety of cutting-edge encryption technologies in our products. All encrypted solutions are based on full disk encryption with at least AES 256-BIT XTS military-grade encryption. 

NDA agreement

To further protect our clients’ privacy, we offer a “Non-Disclosure-Agreement” (NDA) to ensure confidentiality. Both Artmotion and the client will sign this legally binding contract to protect your privacy and security. We do not publicly comment on our clients, so your name won't be listed on our website.

No master keys

Although each physical disk will create a randomly generated Data Encryption Key (DEK), Artmotion will not hold an overall master-key, neither will we ever implement such a master-key. Even if a key existed, we wouldn't be able to read the information because of the way our systems are designed.

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