IT infrastructure testing

Periodic security testing and verification are vital for businesses running their own servers and networks. As corporate, customer, and employee data is highly sensitive, IT infrastructure testing is at the heart of maintaining business continuity and brand value. 

This services are provided by our partner company, Citadelo, where Artmotion is a primary shareholder.

Internal infrastructure testing

Our internal infrastructure testing protocols are designed to identify potential security vulnerabilities in your network. In this scenario, we simulate an attack from inside your network environment that appears like an employee with ordinary user permissions.

External infrastructure testing

With our penetration testing security audit, we will identify potential vulnerabilities in your network. Our simulated external attack adopts a “black box” approach, without any knowledge of architecture, applications, or available systems.

Internet of Things (IoT) testing

Connected networks exponentially increase your risk exposure. To mitigate this risk, we attempt to penetrate smart sensors and devices deployed across businesses, homes, and industrial settings.

Industrial solutions testing

Our extensive experience and expertise in the field of Industrial Control Systems (ICS), also known as SCADA, allow us to engage in penetration testing to identify potential vulnerabilities in critical control systems. This approach helps protect manufacturing processes and negates costly downtime.

Social engineering

How susceptible are your staff to social engineering attacks? The only way to find out is to test each security measure through sophisticated and manipulative techniques to access your enterprise infrastructure. Our social engineering techniques mimic those employed by threat actors like phishing emails, telephone calls, or planting malware on removable media.

Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

If you’re processing credit card transactions, it’s vital to regularly test your systems to ensure that it meets current PCI DSS standards. Our security experts will help secure your payment card processing systems and maintain compliance through vulnerability scans and penetration tests.

VMware infrastructure testing

With VMware, creating, and managing virtual infrastructure is a seamless experience. However, with this level of abstraction, the network can seem distant, making it challenging to identify potential security issues. VMware infrastructure testing helps illuminate potential vulnerabilities before it’s exploited.

Linux infrastructure testing

We deploy various penetration testing methodologies, including social engineering, to breach your Linux infrastructure. For example, we might send phishing emails, plant malware on removable media, or attempt to obtain sensitive data over the phone.

Windows infrastructure testing

The Windows domain administration comes with a lot of simplification that’s designed to make life easier. However, being a domain administrator of the entire network is challenging. Hackers are always on the lookout to exploit an Active Directory and become a domain administrator. So it’s vital to engage in Windows infrastructure testing to find and resolve any potential vulnerabilities.

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