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Our partner network and brand relationships are designed to provide different options that will help you access the expertise and support that you need across the world’s leading public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms. 

Technology partners


Are you looking for a swiss vmware partner ? We can help you access cutting-edge cloud-computing and platform virtualization solutions, virtual machine encryption (vm encryption),  vmware datastore encryption etc.


For over 16 years, Artmotion and Microsoft have relationship focused on helping businesses make the most of Microsoft technologies. As an authorized Microsoft SPLA Partner, we can offer a wide range of Microsoft licenses for your servers.


A next-generations data centric security services provider that securely stores your completely anonymized data.


Artmotion is equipped with industry-leading Hewlett Packard Enterprise hardware to meet the demands of modern business efficiently.

Crypto Valley

Crypto Valley is an independent association that takes advantage of Switzerland’s strengths to build blockchain and cryptography.

Swiss Label

SWISS LABEL is a association for promoting Swiss products. The association currently has a reach of reach of 1000 members.


Do you need a security audit? Whiteshiled is a top-tier cloud security company that is known for penetration testing and ethical hacking.


 We are proud to be a part of the EveryWare family. With over 3000 business customers and 20 years of experience, EveryWare supports Artmotion since nearly a decade with various datacenter services.


Tresorit provides secure online cloud storage. Based in Switzerland and Hungary, this cloud security company provides end-to-end encrypted file syncing and sharing.


Baffle simplifies the encryption process and protects high value information in databases. The solution provides data centric field or record level encryption without requiring any application code changes.


Neustar solutions secure your digital presence against cyberattacks, risk and downtime so that you and your customers enjoy consistent, uninterrupted quality interactions.


Anjuna protects applications by encrypting data in-memory and at-rest and makes sure data is protected even if somebody has root access to the machine. Anjuna doesn’t require changing the deployment process.


Our mission is to solve security and privacy. Our Self-Defending Key Management Service and Runtime Encryption® solutions protect data at rest, in motion and in use.


EverSystem is a Japanese based development partner specializing with the fields of blockchain technologies. EverSystem has a strong focus within the education and entertainment industries.


Integration partner for Africa market focusing  on cloud computing and ecommerce.


Intellica specialize in delivering software projects in the areas as Big Data Analytics & Data Science services, Blockchain, Web/Mobil and Cloud applications delivery.

Mandarin Solutions

Mandarin Solutions provides customers extensible multicloud management assistant. It makes usage of multi-cloud environments safe and easy in managing. 


Citadelo, part of Artmotion, provides white-hat hacking services to help Fortune 500 companies identify vulnerabilities through simulated attacks. 

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