Cloud security testing

Protecting cloud data is our passion

Cloud security testing

Cloud security testing simulates the processes used by a hacker to try and breach cloud infrastructure. The purpose is to identify and resolve vulnerabilities before they are found and exploited. 

This services are provided by our partner company, Citadelo, where Artmotion is a primary shareholder.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Hackers are extremely familiar with AWS, so it’s crucial to test and understand your current security posture.

Google Cloud

Although Google Cloud offers stability and security, hackers can take advantage of misconfigurations to access sensitive data.

Microsoft Azure

By simulating an attack, our hackers will test your configurations and internal networks to negate a potential security event.

Microsoft Hyper-V

As cloud architecture evolves, so do we. We will test all known issues and develop new approaches to breach your system


Public, private, or hybrid clouds each have their own unique systems and architecture that demands testing.


Whether you host your cloud infrastructure internally or externally, we will attempt to breach your system by through simulated attacks. 

Custom Cloud

By simulating an external attack on the network, we’ll attempt to breach your infrastructure 

Open Source

Regardless of the open-source cloud platform you use, we have the necessary expertise to try and breach it.

Ethical Hacking services by Citadelo (part of the Artmotion group)


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