Penetration testing

Penetration testing simulates the processes used by a hacker to try and breach IT infrastructure. The purpose of penetration tests is to identify and resolve vulnerabilities before they are found and exploited.

This services are provided by our partner company, Citadelo, where Artmotion is a primary shareholder.

Mobile application testing

If you have an Android or iOS mobile app that handles sensitive personal data, you need to go the extra mile to secure it. Our ethical hackers will analyze your mobile systems and perform extensive tests following the OWASP Mobile Security methodology.

Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

If you’re processing credit card transactions, it’s critical to regularly test your systems to ensure that it meets current PCI DSS standards. Our security experts will help secure your payment card processing systems and maintain compliance.

Internet of Things (IoT) testing

Connected networks exponentially increase your risk exposure. To mitigate this risk, we attempt to penetrate smart sensors and devices deployed across businesses, homes, and industrial settings.

Red teaming

Red teaming is the rigorous practice of challenging your established security policies, plans, and systems by taking on an aggressive approach. It’s often used to gain an outsider perspective on your overall security posture, whether it's online or offline.

Social engineering

How susceptible are your staff to social engineering attacks? The only way to find out is to test each security measure through sophisticated and manipulative techniques. Our social engineering techniques mimic those employed by threat actors like phishing emails, telephone calls, or planting malware on removable media.

Source code review

Source code review combines the expertise of our senior specialists and automated source code testing systems. It's the best approach to finding out how to properly design the architecture of your software project to meet the demands of IT security.

Website/web application testing

Website and web application testing are conducted to find potential bugs before it’s live. We test the compatibility, functionality, performance, security, and usability of the web application or website. Following the OWASP standard and those emerging from application logic errors, we leverage cutting-edge tools and expert skills to help both medium and large businesses.

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