Encrypted Cloud Server

Your secure virtual cloud servers

Configure your cloud requirements

 A secure cloud server to store all your valuable digital assets

When you partner with us, our in-house experts will work closely with you from planning to deployment to ensure that your business benefits from our encrypted cloud storage solutions. 

Get an instant estimate of your potential monthly cloud hosting costs by using the Pricing Calculator below. By selecting your specific storage requirements, you will be able to calculate your monthly commitment.

What's included?

Total access to our servers, full backup for 31 days, and much more.

Linux or Windows OS

Root or Admin access 

Minimum 3000 GB 

One public IP address

Optional backup

Optional firewall

No yearly commitment

99.9% Network uptime

Why encrypt your cloud storage?

When you store your sensitive data on our servers, we will encrypt it and secure it for you. When you run your business operations on an encrypted cloud, your staff can work securely and seamlessly from anywhere. Whether they are in the building next-door or working remotely from another continent, you can rest assured that all your sensitive data will be protected. 

With our Swiss cloud storage offering, you have the option of having one server, a 100 servers, or much more. It is really up to you and your specific business requirements. You can also install any software you choose on our encrypted cloud server without any intervention from our in-house professionals.


As we are privately owned and operated in Switzerland, any data stored in our secure cloud server will be subject to Swiss jurisdiction. As we are not part of the European Union, your sensitive information will be protected by Switzerland’s strict privacy and data protection laws. 

Do you have a specific project in mind ? 

We will call you back and personally discuss your options.

As your business grows, it will be increasingly difficult to maintain your on-premise data center, cost-effectively. This can be attributed to the hardware that is needed and the top tech talent required to maintain and manage it effectively. When you choose our safe cloud, we can customize a secure cloud solution that meets your present and future business demands. This will help eliminate the need to keep updating costly servers and time-intensive content management systems. At the same time, you can take advantage of our industry-leading cloud security, performance, and scalability. 

Swiss cloud encryption 

Strong Encryption In-transit and at Rest.

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