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China latest country to overhaul data protection laws

Despite calls that it is “impossible to be compliant”, China’s new data protection legislation comes into force today, 1st June 2017.

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Artmotion featured on

Companies concerned about keeping their data safe from prying governments are turning to Swiss datacenters that have the security of national laws which protect information from the other countries.

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Article about Artmotion on

Is Switzerland turning into a cloud-haven in the wake of the Prism scandal? Enterprises are using Swiss cloud providers to host data, because of their tighter privacy culture, following the NSA surveillance revelations.

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The stated that Switzerland can provide a safe haven for your data 

Switzerland is rapidly building a niche industry of secure data storage. While the US National Security Agency seems able to use EU treaty rules as an excuse to snoop on us at will, it has no such right in Switzerland.

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Artmotion featured on 

If the US and European governments can get access to data stored in the cloud, then it might be better to store it in on servers in a neutral country, such as Switzerland. If so, Artmotion hopes to benefit...

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Switzerland exports six times more IT services than cheese

According to a new survey of, Switzerland exports six times more IT Services than cheese and chocolate combined

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Artmotion boosts data privacy with enhanced encryption  

To further increase the security of its clients’ data, Swiss data center provider Artmotion has introduced dedicated encrypted servers as part of its secure service offering.

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Top 15 countries for safe data storage

A new Data Danger Zones report from secure data center Artmotion ranked more than 170 nations on their abilities to keep digital information safe, private and secure.

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Switzerland: From Banking Paradise To Data Safe Zone

Attracted by the country's political neutrality and ironclad privacy laws, a growing number of people and companies are choosing to keep their sensitive information in the nation's servers.

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Artmotion's public statement on

Artmotion said this combined with a rapid increase in people expressing unfavorable opinions about the US more generally, could have a “severely detrimental impact” to the cloud computing industry.

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Analysis from Artmotion forecasts billions in losses due to the Trump effect

According to Artmotion, the US cloud computing industry stands to lose more than $10 billion by 2020 as a result of President Trump’s increasingly shaky reputation on data privacy.

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Artmotion's report on data prosecutions featured on

The report says that out of 14,000 data protection complaints made against the financial sector in the last five years, less than 0.1 percent resulted in criminal prosecutions.

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Artmotion has been selected as finalist on

The judges felt that given the security surrounding Artmotion's cloud, uniquely positioned the company to offer a first-rate service combined with unrivaled protection.

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How much is your personal or company data worth?

The study of a thousand Brits, undertaken by Swiss data center Artmotion, found that 49 percent of respondents would only sell their personal or company data for £1 million or more.

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The Swiss reputation for low taxation and secrecy is well known when it comes to money, but it's also becoming a popular place to store data, thanks to the country's strict data-protection laws.

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Are Swiss cloud firms - the new Swiss bank account?

With data privacy fears at an all-time high following Prism, FISA, and the Patriot Act can Swiss cloud firms join their financial services compatriots in offering truly private services?

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Only 8% of Asian countries are safe for data privacy.

The Data Danger Zones report combines analysis of five key factors for data privacy - political instability, corruption, the risk of natural disasters, quality of infrastructure, risk of internal conflicts, and risk of terrorism.

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Privacy fears have businesses looking for data 'safe havens'

Following recent privacy scandals, a survey states that three quarters (or 76 percent) of IT decision makers would move their organization’s data to another country as a result of privacy concerns.

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US Firms bank on Swiss data centers

Switzerland has a well-deserved reputation, and now it's hoping to ‘cash in’ on that legacy by providing a similar refuge for something that some say is even more valuable than our money – our data.

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Interview featured on

An interview about PRISM, privacy issues, Switzerland's legendary neutrality, and much more.

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Security concerns create new data opportunities for a Swiss security firm

Edward Snowden's revelations about PRISM have drawn attention to a data center alternative from Switzerland.

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Is the U.S. cloud services sector slowing down? 

Artmotion Ltd. released a statement stating that the U.S. cloud industry stands to lose more than $10 billion by 2020 as a result of American President Donald Trump’s “increasingly shaky reputation on data privacy.”

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