Why is Switzerland the safest place for data storage?

Switzerland is known for banking, chocolate, and some of the best cheese the planet has to offer. This stable, politically neutral European nation also boasts some of the best privacy laws on earth. So, it’s not really a surprise to find that it’s also the perfect location for data storage.

Security and privacy are sacred in Switzerland. In fact, Swiss privacy laws are unparalleled. That’s the primary reason why security-minded organizations like Artmotion (of course), DSwiss, HOPR, Mio Decentral AG, and more call the Alpine nation home.

As we live, work, and shop significantly more online, security is now critical to data-driven economies and greater society. As such, Switzerland’s reputation for neutrality, stability, and quality has helped this landlocked nation transform itself into a global hub for the storage of sensitive data.

Furthermore, in terms of population, Switzerland has the second-highest density of data centers in Europe. Approximately 77% of data centers in the country are concentrated in Zürich, Lake Geneva, and Berne.

Why is Swiss data storage more secure?

While we don’t want to make sweeping “salesy” statements, it’s hard to ignore the fact that storing data in Switzerland is more secure than in the US and the EU. This is because of Switzerland’s strict privacy laws that govern the processing of personal and enterprise data.

Swiss laws that regulate data protection and information privacy are as follows:

When you look at Europe as a whole, Article 13 and DPA are what sets Switzerland apart from the continent and the rest of the world. As Switzerland is a close partner of the European Union, DPA is also closely aligned with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What is Article 13?

Switzerland is one of a handful of countries where the constitution boasts data processing regulations. As such, Article 13 of the constitution offers various protections for Swiss citizens. 

For example, every individual has a right to privacy in their private life and in relation to their telecommunications and mail. Each individual also has the right to be protected against data misuse. This means that all these provisions have to be followed by companies based in Switzerland. 

What is DPA?

DPA or Switzerland’s data protection law goes far beyond its borders and ensures the privacy of its subjects. In comparison to Article 13, its scope is much larger than what’s provided by the constitution.

DPA also protects data from being misused by foreign companies. It also stops Swiss companies from mishandling personal data. According to the law, any data subject that interacts with a Swiss company must first provide explicit permission to process personal data that belongs to them. 

What does this mean?

To put it simply, it doesn’t matter where you’re based. If your company stores its data in Switzerland, it’s automatically protected by Swiss law, and no one else can access it without your (explicit) permission. 

Over the years, DPA has evolved and now complies with GDPR principles, but at a higher level. 

What about other countries?

In contrast, countries like the US have been pushing privacy-invading legislation through Congress. Most often, this happens under the guise of acronyms like the Patriot Act and the Freedom Act.

While the general public is mostly unaware of what it all means, these laws equip US government agencies with far-reaching powers. For example, they can easily engage in mass surveillance of both citizens and companies. This means that even if you’re a foreign company and hosting your data on American soil, the government can access your data (whenever they want to).

Countries like China don’t protect personal or enterprise data from government interference (at all!). Furthermore, the developing world is also starting to head in this direction. However, the global fight for privacy and security is still ongoing.

In the meantime, if privacy is important to your business and your customers, Switzerland is the safest place to store your precious data. With fortified data centers spread across the country, you can rest assured that your digital assets are secure, compliant, and safe from external interference.

To learn how you too can protect your data in Switzerland, reach out to one of our in-house experts.

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